Imperfectly Perfect (and discounted) Items

$18.00 $23.00

PERFECTLY functioning with damaged packaging...

Yes, careless carriers happen. Collapsed bottles happen. Damaged boxes and crushed corners happen. Labeling machines messing up or skipping bottles happens. Nothing we can do about them...

Let's look on the bright side though! This gives you the opportunity to SAVE BIG on items that you can use the same way you would use a full-priced long as the aesthetics don't matter to you. is in the eye of the beholder, right?

If you can see that the benefits are the same and you get to save $$$ as well, then you will definitely see these pieces as beautiful.

~ We only have a few...mainly Activated Charcoal Capsules now as we had some collapsed bottles. The availability of these items will be updated "as the damages happen". Availability is never guaranteed, of course. So, check back often for the savings you desire. ~

***** Thank you for caring about IMperfectly perfect goods! *****

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