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Here are the questions customers ask most frequently but please reach out to us if you don't see the answer to yours or if you need our assistance!
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I didn't realize how big the jar of Activated Charcoal Powder is and now I have lot to experiment with. What types of things can can I use it for?

The list is nearly endless! You may use it for detoxification, cleanses, in recipes, for DIY projects, facial masks, teeth stain-removal, in the garden, and it's safe for pets too. We encourage you to get our eBook if you haven't yet. 100% of the sales go to Vital Action, to support the rescuing of marine life, specifically near-extinct sea turtles, ocean conservation, and beach clean-up.

I didn’t get the Charcoal eBook. What do I do?

The attachment or link to our eBook probably appears differently on different computers / devices.

If you’re having trouble with downloading it or can’t see it in the email you received, please send us your order # and we will send you a copy of the pdf file directly.

My Wildcrafted Moor Mud Mask has separated. Can I still use it?

Absolutely! It's 100% natural and contains NO emulsifiers or stabilizers at all. So separation occurs during storage and shipping and all you need to do is give it a quick stir before using it. 

My Wildcrafted Moor Mud Mask has dried out. Can I still use it?

We're sorry to hear your Mud has dried out! As you may know, we do not add water to it to avoid contamination but if it's dry you may add rose water or other pure water or anything beautifying and liquid-y to it to mix it before applying it. Absolutely! 

How long does it take to see results when it comes to teeth-whitening with the activated charcoal? 

It's hard to tell as it is very subjective and it really depends on the person's case.

Some people report that it takes them just one brushing (we recommend 5 minutes, if your teeth and gums are not sensitive and less if they are, of course). But others report a few brushings and some report results in a couple of weeks. Not many people report though how long they spend PER BRUSHING with it. 5 minutes is just a general recommendation....and, of course, if your teeth are NOT stained, you'll see no difference in color (in that case, you'll still benefit hugely and get the oral hygiene benefits and the "squeaky clean" feeling) as this product is 100% natural and there is no bleach, etc. in it to damage the bone (teeth) to change its color. 

NOTE: Some people have naturally mineral-rich, healthy, bone-color teeth and they think they should be white by using charcoal but activated charcoal is a material that ADSORBS* toxins, so it removes stains from the surface and pores of the material it gets in contact with, it doesn't go INSIDE the material (bone) and that is the reason many choose it....to avoid bleaching and damage by chemicals :)

(*not to be confused with absorption)

How can I use the Activated Charcoal for hair?

We only recommend using our charcoal on darker hair colors (unless you’re comfortable using it on lighter tones, at your own risk) ….the reason we don't talk about it much is that, believe it or not, people can get really angry when charcoal stains and while it's a reflection of what an effective, quality, fine powder (that gets into everything) ours is we can get horrible reviews with really ugly words in them.

BUT, here's the general recommendation (and it's not for people with light hair unless they don't mind potential staining):

You can try activated charcoal on your hair by adding the contents of a capsule or add a teaspoon of the powder to your regular shampoo and wash as you normally would. Be aware, you may need to repeat washing with plain shampoo to get the "color" fully out.

It's amazing for removing extra oils and toxins and unclogging the pores on the scalp....but it's definitely not for everyone....only for those that don't mind making a mess for the health-benefits :) 

Can I use your Activated Charcoal in artisan / home-made soaps?

Absolutely! Many of our customers and artisan soap makers use our Activated Charcoal Powder in their soaps. It’s 100% pure, Food Grade, and it’s incredibly fine so it blends beautifully!

I have health challenges - How much Activated Charcoal should I take?

First of all, we're so sorry to hear about the health-challenges you are facing and we're happy to help as much as possible!

As you probably know, the FDA requires that we refer you to your doctor for consultation and we are not allowed to prescribe and tell people what dosage of the charcoal they should take. The suggested amount on the label is more than safe for everyone and is a general recommendation but, in severe cases, naturopaths usually recommend much higher amounts. It is also possible that a professional would tell you to take less. EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT when one is struggling with a health challenge.

If you have our Activated Charcoal eBook, that could be a very useful guide to start with.

Here's an excerpt about what Dr. Richard Kaufman, PhD, a bio-nutritional chemist says:

'He reports, “Activated charcoal can be an effective adjunct to any regimen for the treatment of systemic Candida albicans infections.” The toxins produced by Candida, absorbed by the blood and carried throughout the body, are effectively adsorbed by charcoal. Candida toxins cause allergic reactions and are responsible for the debilitating symptoms of candidiasis.

Charcoal curbs the growth of intestinal-based yeasts, and it counteracts the Herxheimer reaction. When, as a result of a successful treatment, there is a large die-off of yeast cells, there is a severe, short-term aggravation of Candida symptoms due to the increased amount of toxins produced. The Herxheimer reaction is often so unpleasant that patients abandon treatment before completion.

Taking activated charcoal is one method for alleviating the symptoms of yeast die-off so that patients can continue their treatment and not suffer. Dr. Kaufman suggests 20-35 grams of activated charcoal a day in divided dosages on an empty stomach until the problem is eliminated. The larger amount is taken for more severe situations. He recommends not taking charcoal within two hours of taking required medications." '

If you have already received yours, you've got the finest, highly adsorbent (organic) charcoal on the market in your hands so you may be able to take less. Also, at the suggested amount, you'd run out very fast using the capsules so the powder may be a better option.

We would recommend that you carry the capsules with you but whenever convenient (while you're home and if you have time to make charcoal drinks for when you're leaving your home you can take them along) use our Charcoal Powder! You get a HUGE jar, 32 oz by volume, of our Activated Charcoal, which would last you longer.

The other very important thing is to drink LOTS of extra water when taking charcoal in this amount as you do not want to cause constipation by not taking in enough! Of course, always take charcoal 2 hrs away from important medications!