Why Choose Algae Oil over Fish oils?

The Advantages of DHA-Rich Algae Oil Over Fish Oils...


Some people think that algae oil is only taken by vegetarians and vegans or anyone following any type of “animal-free diet”.


The truth is that many of our customers eat meat and fish and still opt for this oil.


It’s one thing to note that our algae oil is incredibly rich in DHA…so, it’s an exceptional brain-booster. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is in much higher concentration in our algae oil than probably any fish oil you could find out there. You get the DHA, the EPA (your body will regulate how much more to convert to EPA) and your Omega-3 levels are taken care of.


…BUT, the big “but” is that all this is achieved WITHOUT:

 the heavy metals that fish have in them

 the nasty chemicals that are present in fish oil processing

 the potential for old, rancid oils and free-radicals (how ironic, isn't it!?...free radicals in a supplement that is supposed to help with the free-radical overload that comes with most people’s lifestyles…pretty sad but the stale oils can turn into harmful substances).

 the sacrificing of animals

 the deprivation of the oceans of the foods whales and other mammals and fish eat.


Basically, you go straight TO the source…you get your omega-3s where the FISH get it from!..in this case, it’s like skipping the middle “fish” and avoiding ending his / her life.


Grab any fish oil supplement and look at the ingredients! What do you see listed? Added oils, fillers, flavorings, preservatives, “perfume”….etc. to make it cheaper, to make it taste like something and maybe even smell like something.


Obviously, our customers are not ok with that…and we are not either. 


We take the Rosemary one (NO flavorings but true CO2 extracted rosemary added) but we also have the “original / unflavored” version for you and your loved ones and your pets.


It’s amazing to feel the brain power and energy boost while knowing you put no junk in your body. Try it for yourself.


Algae is the answer.



(Image for illustration only. Credit: vecteezy.com)

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