Shilajit with Fulvic Minerals

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"Strength, Energy and Vitality" - awaken the body with this ancient and most powerful superfood for rejuvenation (as it's referred to in Ayurveda). 

Many people feel the effects of it day #1 when they start taking it...sometimes, within minutes.

Our Shilajit is naturally occurring at high altitudes in the Himalayas (the BEST source).

This incredible organic compound is made up of fulvic and humic acids, plant alkaloids, and trace minerals...AND we added more fulvic minerals, to boost its ability in removing unwanted / unknown / detrimental "substances" from the body. 

Our favorite way to use it is by adding it to tonics but you can take it straight in your mouth or added to a bit of water.


Nervous system
Energy levels, endurance, stamina
Brain function
Bone and joint health
Overall strength and vitality


80+ trace minerals
RAW, low-heat extracted, to preserve nutrients
Water-extracted and -soluble
Carbon-bonded nutrients
60 mL in Miron glass


3 dropperfuls / day, by itself or added to tonics or other pure beverages

Also an EXCELLENT supplement for pets so you will find this exact same product (we don't make anything lesser quality for "animal children") in our Animal Health section too.

 *The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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The best! Love this shilajit with fulvic minerals! WORKS!

The best! Love this shilajit with fulvic minerals! WORKS! It's a very high quality shilajit - at a great price! I noticed more energy - clear focus - great cleanser. Just a really excellent feeling after using it. I love this company and all their products. I highly recommend to everyone!

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