Are you taking the purest activated charcoal?

Happy & HEALTHY New Year!!!

How has it been for you so far?  Perhaps, you’ve done a juice fast, a detox or a cleanse or something else to be even healthier and feel even better? We sure have been through some amazing changes already and hope you have too…good ones, of course!

One of them, in our case, is that our products are now available in stores, besides online.

Have you heard of L.A. Press (@lapressjuice)? The newest Cold Pressed Juicery that opened in the Beverly Hills area, in Los Angeles?

LA Press organic cold pressed juice and coffee, Schizandu


Guess what!...They have chosen our exceptionally adsorptive, ultra fine charcoal powder for their charcoal detox drink “LAX” !!! Yep, that’s their choice and the #1 one selling drink at this juicery with incredibly delicious juices on the menu is the charcoal drink! :)

So, yes, if you have purchased some of our charcoal already, you can be happy about having a jar of the best at home! :)


schizandu food grade activated charcoal powder


Of course, we are really excited about it and we had a chance to try it too so now we know why it’s a favorite. It’s incredible!

If you can’t go by there because you’re not local, I’ll share with you what they put in theirs:

They juice fresh Granny Smith apples, ginger, lemon and add a teaspoon of our charcoal powder. Simple enough, right? (Add some food grade clay as well if you desire)


Erewhon, the high-end health food store with three locations in Los Angeles, is the next one. We are bringing in our products for sampling this week so if you’re local or happen to be in the area, be sure to be on the lookout for our Instagram (@schizandu) posts where we announce where we will be what day.

You will be able to sample our activated charcoal, our mud, and ask any questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

Hope to see you at one of the events!

On top of all this, we have a surprise for you next week so there are more exciting things on the horizon and some of you will be lucky winners of coupons and new product we are launching.


Keep an eye out for the announcements soon!


Till then…

Stay Healthy...and Happy Cleansing! :)



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I live in Cameron Park California. 95682. Where can I get a bottle of that LA pressed juice.

Suzanne young May 13, 2024

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