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Wildcrafted Moor Mud Mask - TESTER / SAMPLE

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SO SORRY BUT WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF THESE SAMPLES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. (We have never had ANYONE report an allergic reaction to our Moor Mud though so if you're "on the fence" about it, we encourage you to order a jar and start enjoying its incredible benefits as much as we do!)

Our additive-free, preservative-free, chemical-free Wildcrafted Moor Mud Mask is ideal for use for people with allergies or sensitive or acne-prone skin...for deep cleansing.

Understandably, some people prefer to test new products and make sure they have no reactions to them and that is why we offer shipping you free samples. 

While very small, this clear cosmetic (3g) container holds enough to test on an area such as your arm and feel how nourishing it is and what a difference it makes just after 10 minutes on the skin.
Limit 1 sample per order!
The sample is FREE - we charge for shipping and handling only.